My life and Resume

Little more about of profesional life and resume. I have specialized in her passion, which is traveling all over the world to see and write about musical theatre and films of all kinds. I´m a respected writer and critic onthe subject matter in one of the most important national newspapers in the country.


• MILENIO DIARIO ¡hey! Entertainment daily supplement Chief Editor and daily
Columnist (specialized in theatre, TV and film). (2009 - current)
• Empire Magazine – Columnist (2017- current)
• El Universal Columnist – (2003 – 2009)
• TV Pasillo - Editor (2005 – 2006)
• Siempre Magazine – Columnist (1999- 2007)
• Cinemania Magazine Movie news and interviews (2002- 2005)


• Official Oscar telecast for Mexico
On air and Red Carpet comments and simultaneous translation
TV Azteca - Since 2006 to date.
• Milenio TV – News. Head of all entertainment segments. On air host. Daily
entertainment showbiz segment (20:30) Current. Special in depth interview
weekly show. Susana and Alvaro – Television show. Special coverage’s. (current)
• Nada como el cine (Nothing like cinema) Canal AzCinema TV Aztca (current)
• Por Cierto (By The Way) Pop Culture/Movies/Entertainment Show. Host.
TV Azteca – Thursdays 21:00 (2009 -2011)
• Todos somos animales (We are all animals) General production and host
DGTVE – Educational TV (2008)
• Various television shows since 1997. As screenwriter, reporter, and on air talent.
Movie and theatre journalistic specialization. Susana has interviewed most major
movie and theatre stars in the world during the last decade. She has also been
very lucky to be able to do many in depth interviews with the most amazing
writers, entertainment executives and directors. Some of these include Woody
Allen, Mel Brooks, Bob Iger, Steven Spielberg, John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, David
Fincher, Eve Ensler, Aaron Sorkin, Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Laurie, George Clooney,
Kristen Chenoweth and Tina Fey among many other people she deeply admires.


• Insomnio – Nightly radio show for “those who can´t sleep or have better things to
do”. MVS Radio (2015)
• Coordenada 102.5 – News, music and political satire and Entertainment Talk
Radio 102.5FM – Host Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00hrs. (November 2009-
2012 )
• Tal Cual - Entertainment talk show- Host. 102.5FM (2009)
• La Hora Nacional / The National Hour (September 2007- March 2008)
• Producer
• News with con Paola Rojas - 104.1 FM- (2007) – On air.
• El Sótano /The Basement - MVS 102.5 FM- (2004 – 2007) Entertainment and
comedy talk show. Host.
• La Mesa de la Verdad / The Table –Best FM 102.5- (2003-2004)
• News Co Host / Entertainment chief
• La Taquilla (Boxoffice) – FM Globo y Exa 104.9 FM- Comedy and acid
entertainment radio show with René Franco (1998-2002) Co host.


• Beauty and the Beast (Alan Menken. Tim Rice) – Ocesa. Currently updating the
new version for the Latin American Tour (2017)
• Billy Elliot (Elton John) – Gou productions. Translation and adaptation (opening
February 2017)
• Lion King (Elton John and Tim Rice) – Ocesa. Translation and adaptation (2015)
• Peter Pan The Musical (J.M. Barrie) - Ocesa. Translation and adaptation (2011)
• Toyer (Gardner McKay) -Ocesa. Translation (2010)
• August Osage (Tracy Letts) - Ocesa. Translation (2010)
• Vagina Monologues – Actress -Ocesa. (Since September del 2008)
• Anne Frank (Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett) Ocesa. Translation
• The Blonde, the Brunette and de Vengeful Redhead (Robert Hewitt) – Ocesa
Translation and adaptation (2009)
• Catholic Girls (Casey Curti) – Ocesa. Translation and adaptation (2008)
• Doubt (E John Patrick Shanley) –Ocesa. Translation and adaptation (2007)
• Visiting Mr. Green – Ocesa. Translation and adaptation (2007)
• The Good Body (Eve Ensler) Translation and adaptation
• Defending the caveman” (Rob Becker) Ocesa. Translation and adaptation (2001)
• The Vagina Monologues. Translation and adaptation (2000) (The show ran to
houses in Mexico after almost 15 years).
• Rent The Musical (Jonathan Larson). Ocesa (1999)
*Most of these translations and adaptations have been done with Erick Merino.
• Universidad Anahuac – Head of the theatre group where we did productions such
as Play it again Sam (Woody Allen) Direction and translation.
• Has been part in a number of groups and workshops that experiment in different
aspects of theatre and music. She has also written for original plays and television
dramas and comedies constantly over la last decade.


Special events such as Felix Baumgartner´s jump from
the stratosphere or Michael Jackson funeral events.
Live coverage and instant translation for TV Azteca Network.
News, interviews and al types of information about theatre and cinema and other
entertainment sources, translated daily for Milenio Newspaper, TV (live) and .com.
Miss Universe simulcast for TV Azteca Network.


Toda mujer debe tener un marido gay (Every Woman needs a Gay Husband) – Published
by Editorial Diana/ Grupo Planeta in November 2011. (Fiction, comedy, social satire).
(Work in progress on the stage version, as a monologue).
Enganchados (Hooked) – Published by Editorial Diana / Grupo Planeta in December 2012
(Fiction, novel, dark comedy).
*Both books are in progress of being translated to English by the author.


• El Pelón de Noche – Héctor Suárez Gomís TV Azteca- (2005 – 2006)
Comedy Show – Head writer. Occasional performer.
• Desde Gayola – Telehit Televisa- (2003-2004)
Writer- performer.


1. LICENCIATURA (BA) Licensed in communication sciences. Anahuac University
(1992- 1995).
2. Studies in Semiotics (Masters)
3. Studies in performing arts (Centro cultural Virgina Fábregas)
Studied in the USA – San Diego California, for most of her formative years.

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